Frequently Asked Questions

I have never done a triathlon before. Is the club for me?
Absolutely. You will find that Club members are very supportive of beginners and enjoy sharing advice. Our workouts are structured for both beginners and more experienced triathletes.

As a beginner, I would like to do shorter workouts. Is this possible?
Yes. Most of our bike events involve loops or hill repetitions, leaving you free to determine the length of your workout. Our Lake Ontario swims are close to shore at Breakwater Park/Gord Downie Pier, again allowing you to decide how much swimming you are comfortable with.

I am training for an IronMan. Can I take part in your events?
For sure. Several members participate in IronMan races each year. Many build extra distance into our workouts to log more training time. For example, members may add a run before or after the Wednesday bike workout. Alternatively, some participants bike from their home to the workout site at Grass Creek Park in order to add some mileage. 

I have knee problems and can’t run. Can I still join your workouts?
All of our members are free to choose the workouts that are appropriate for them. Our Wednesday workouts are either biking or bike/run. However, those who prefer to only bike are welcome to do so.

Do I need a fancy bike to join the club?
If you are just testing the triathlon waters, an inexpensive road bike is your best bet. Once you have decided whether triathlon is for you, you can upgrade your bike. You can even train with a mountain bike (although you will find it to be fairly slow)!

Can you help me with my training plan?
Club members are happy to provide advice to beginners, but we don’t provide training plans. You can easily obtain a training plan by purchasing a triathlon book or looking online.

Do I have to buy a wetsuit to take part in the swims?
No. You will find that a wetsuit helps with flotation and keeps you warm, especially in the June swims when Lake Ontario is still cool. However, a wetsuit is not required. We do insist that you wear a wetsuit for the Triple Workout in June (if you do not swim you can make it a Double Workout).

Are the workouts still held if it rains?
Yes. Bring your rain gear and have fun anyway. We do cancel workouts if there are extreme weather conditions, including lightning, high winds or heavy waves for the Lake Ontario swims.

I don’t have a car. How would I get to the workouts?
Many members are happy to offer a ride share to those who don’t have a car. Post your need on our Facebook page and someone will volunteer to help.